Galleyslave offers a number of different dinnerware ranges/designs. All our dinnerware is made from 100% melamine (BPA free), it  is dishwasher proof, but can not be used in the oven or microwave. 

- Standard melamine dinnerware ranges are: Northwind, Oceans, Sea and Enjoy Life 

- Non slip melamine dinnerware ranges are:  Regatta, Cannes, Welcome on Board 

- Extra quality melamine (slightly heavier, feels more like china) dinnerware ranges are: Columbus, Polaris, Welcome on Board (this range is also non-slip)

Due to the vast number of items available we only stock the  popular ranges and the main items such as dinner plates, dessert plates, mugs and bowls... . Each range offers a number of accessories which can be ordered but may take a few weeks to arrive from Spain. For these items the stock description will read " Please pre-order".

Care of melamine dinnerware:

To extend the life of the dinnerware it is recommended to avoid using abrasive cleaners. Please do not pour rolling boiling water in the mugs as this may harm the glaze. (Just let the kettle stand for a few seconds before pouring). To prevent tea and coffee stains we recommend that you rinse the mugs immediately after use. Any stains can be removed by soaking the items in a solution made up of Milton sterilising tablet (or Sterident). 

Please note:

Any irregularities in the design are part of the production process and should not be considered as a defet.




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